Strong Elect Ladies
Strong Faith, Strong Mind, Strong Will and 
A Strong Elect Lady of God.
A churches Elect Lady (also known as the First Lady) is considered to be a Pastor's Wife within that church.  She is someone respected in the church hierarchy.  She wears many hats in the church, but her main role is to assist the Pastor in carrying out his duties.

Congratulations to Elect Lady Dr. Karen Green on her upcoming award celebrating "Women Touching the World".  This award is being presented on Saturday, March 18 by the Unlimited Possibilities Overcoming Poverty Ministry, Inc. in Buffalo, NY.  They will be honoring women that have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives.  These ladies are now role models in their community, city and churches.  

Elect Lady Dr. Karen Green is truly a woman of God that touches lives not only within the walls of Gods' Vision Ministries (under the Pastoralship of Pastor Burnice Green, Sr.), but also in the community.  The God in Dr. Green truly draws people to her where she can provide comfort and counsel to the lost, confused and dying souls.  

Congratulations Dr. Green on your award.  God bless you to keep doing his work - you are truly a blessing to everyone you meet.

Please click on the link to read more about the upcoming award celebration:
To God be the Glory!

We are blessed to have just finished the Old Testaments.  The Bible Enrichment Class was blessed in not only their readings & homework, but also in the open discussion in each class.  This is an opportunity for the students to dig deeper into the word of God and walk away with a clear understanding. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Elect Lady Dr. Karen Green @ or you can call (585) 417-6880.  We pray that you will come and be a part of this great class as we move forward in our learning of God's word.

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