Strong Elect Ladies

About Us

As Elect Ladies, we are that precious pearl.  We must understand we don't have to fight for a position that we already own.  God elected us for this position so there is no devil in hell with the power to take us out!!

As Pastor's Wives (PW's), we are on a great spiritual journey.  We deal with all kind of people, issues and situations.  People seem to forget we too have issues and situations in our own lives.  The Elect Lady is always there to council and comfort other women.  However, the question so many Elect Ladies have is "Who's there for us?"  We too need counselling and encouragement.  The problem is, we really don't have that shoulder to lean on or ear to vent to, as many ordinary women do.

So, PW's don't feel you are alone.  We all, as PW's, have shed tears, we all, as PW's, have our struggles, heartaches, trials, challenges and issues.

So come, join me and let's talk!!  We have so much in common.  I know we will all connect.