Strong Elect Ladies

As founder, the Spirit of God will lead and direct this website as He sees fit.


Helping Elect Ladies around the world and reminding them that we all have a purpose as a Pastor's Wife.

As Elect Ladies, we will remain strong in our faith, strong in our mind, strong in the will of God and most importantly, a Strong Elect Lady of God!


God will lead this website as we endeavor to provide support, strength and encouragement to Elect Ladies.  We will work together to inspire and motivate the office of the Elect Lady as we endeavor to move forward in the ministry.

  • Inspirational Network with Elect Ladies throughout the United States.
  • To be a support to the issues that only Elect Ladies have to encounter.
  • Provide resources that strengthens the office of Elect Lady.
  • Building the bridge between mother, wife and Elect Lady.