Strong Elect Ladies


As PW's, it is very important we take care of home just as we do the church.  Home should be clean and a place that you and your husband can enjoy together.  We as PW's must understand our work is never done.  If you don't understand what I'm saying read Proverbs 31; The Virtuous Woman.  When home is together in harmony, the church will be in harmony.  As PW's the same way we respect our husband at the church should be done the same way at home.  Even if it's just the two of you that dwell in the home.  No one should ever be able to look at you and be able to say there must be trouble in the home.  We must be supportive to our husbands, even if we are having personal issues.  Whatever you do, don't allow our business to become show business!

Remember, God elected you for this position!!! So stay humble, pray for patience and understanding and God will bring you through.

Always remember, as PW's you must be a woman of Strong Faith, Strong Mind, Strong Will and be a Strong Elect Lady!